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Archive for December 5th, 2012

Giving Quirky Gifts

Engraved stones

People looking for long lasting quirky gifts can give personalized stones, since they can last forever and not even the elements can destroy the gift. For instance, anniversary stones are great quirky gifts to give to someone on an anniversary. Just think of the custom engraved stones you see in cemeteries and other places. Engraved stones are among the petroglyphs that archaeologists believe are up to 27,000 year old. Rock engraving is also among garden art ideas that some people give as quirky gifts too. Engraved stones also make unique wedding gifts to give to any newly wed couple that would appreciate a long lasting gift.

If you are looking for quirky gifts for a garden gift you can find them engraved with kanjis and other symbols. They are great to put outdoors in a location where people love to sit and find serenity while meditating outdoors. People that have a favorite saying can have it “set in stone” so to speak, by having the saying engraved on a stone. These kinds of quirky gifts are truly long lasting.

People from all walks of life have loved engraved stones. Just think of the inventor of the Pet Rock. Gary Dahl was sure able to cash in on this gag gift. He made almost $2 million off of people loving and buying his quirky gifts called pet rocks.

Valentines Day is the perfect day to give a quirky gifts to people that you love. Not everyone wants to give and get flowers and candy all the time. It all depends on the personality of the gift giver and the give recipient. Here’s another example of when to give quirky gifts. Say your have a daughter that has just made some kind of accomplishment. You can give her a set of engraved stones or some other kind of quirky gifts in order to commemorate the accomplishment.

When kids go off to college parents can give engraved stones that their children can carry around with them. Some of these kinds of quirky gifts are called worry stones. People put them in their pocket or purse. Anytime they want to feel close to their parent or any other loved one they can hold their engraved stone. Having a small token like and engraved stone given to you can help you feel closer to your loved one when you are far away from them. See this link for more references.

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