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Archive for April 2nd, 2013

Discover Queen Creek Arizona, Again

Things to do in queen creek

Whether you are a resident of Queen Creek, or are just stopping by for a visit to the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center, there is a lot more to Queen Creek than you may realize. Queen Creek is situated in between the sprawling metro of Phoenix, and the idyllic natural beauty of San Tan Mountain. Queen creek is also home to many unique attractions, landmarks, and small businesses. The local businesses do their best to provide more jobs to the local workforce at better wages than the local chains, but need the economic support of the community to continue to do so.

The Queen Creek Performing Arts Center is one of the premiere destinations in Queen Creek. The Queen Creek Performing Arts Center offers a huge variety of entertainment for the whole family. In hosts nationally touring shows, local theater, family friendly shows, and concerts for the community. The Queen Creek Performing Arts Center also features community events like classic movie night and parties to help to bring the community together.

If you are looking for other things to do in queen creek. Among the many family owned Queen Creek restaurants, shops, and boutiques is the Queen creek olive mills, just a short drive from the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center. The Mill is the only functioning olive farm and mill in Arizona. The Mill produces artisan, hand crafted extra virgin olive oil using nine different types of olives. Artisan olive oil is a delicious treat that is fantastic with crusty bread. The Mill is also home to a Queen Creek marketplace that sells a variety of gourmet foods and hosts a Tuscan restaurant called del Piero.

Finding Backyard Swingsets Should Be Your Number One Priority For Your Children

Backyard swingsets

Kids today do not get enough physical activity which is necessary for healthy bones and muscles while helping to reduce the risk of developing disease such as diabetes, and obesity, but with backyard swingsets, kids are more apt to want to play. When you are looking at backyard swingsets for your home, making sure that you shop with a trusted vendor is important. You do not want to risk your children’s safety by selecting a shoddy swingset that starts to fall apart as soon as you install it. However, when you are searching for swing sets for sale, you can get assistance from qualified professional to select the best set for your home. Finding the right swingset will help to keep your children active so that they do not sit inside all day and watch TV or play video games. While many areas have public playgrounds that started to gain popularity in the early 1900s from groups like the Outdoor Recreation League that provided equipment in low income areas, when you live in the country it can be difficult to take your child to a park and that is where a swingset can come in handy.

The first city playground was in NYC in Seward Park and opened in 1903. From the right vendor of backyard swingsets, you can find an outdoor playset that is perfect for your property. You can also find trampolines for sale as well as wooden swingsets that you can purchase for your home.

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