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Archive for June 20th, 2013

Insurance CRMs Helping You Do Your Job Better

Insurance social media

The insurance industry has a lot of ins and outs. No matter your field, you have a lot to keep in your mind, and many aspects of the insurance business are constantly in flux, requiring you to stay ahead of the curve every single day. And on top of all that, you also have office duties, meetings to attend, customers to see, and websites to maintain. Any successful business professional will tell you, the more you can focus on what you do best, the better you will do it. To that end, you owe it to your business to outsource a little.

Step one can be finding great customer relationship management software. Quality insurance crms can consolidate your client information into one place, so you never have to go searching your address book for that one bit of info. And most insurance agency CRMs can connect your entire office together, to better manage clients with multiple policies in a single office. Insurance CRMs make it easier to have the salient details of your clients and their policies at your fingertips. Some can even send you upcoming birthday reminders for your clients, helping you to maintain a quality relationship with them.

Another aspect to outsource could be your insurance web site design. Handling your web design “in house” can seem like a cost effective solution, but always make sure the work is the quality that you need it to be. Professional insurance agent websites should give your clients the utmost confidence in your skills and peace of mind that you really are looking out for them.

Does your website have a blog? Having a blog on your site, regularly updated with high quality content, can significantly increase your web traffic. What about keyword placement? How fast does your page load? These are just a few of the many search engine optimization techniques a professional web designer or SEO servicer can provide, to help you increase the visibility of your website and improve your search rankings on the major search engines.

Your work is important, and you are very good at it. Never let your primary skills suffer because you spread yourself too thin trying to cover other aspects of the business that might better be handled by professionals. Invest in an insurance CRM, have your website professionally designed, and hire experienced SEO providers to optimize that site to reach the fullest potential of your business.

Home Improvement in Bathrooms

Walk in bathtub

When you do home improvement to your house, the bathroom is one of the first places in which work is done. What better to make a bathroom more aesthetically pleasing than adding walk in bathtubs? Walk in tubs are great because they are easily accessible.

If you have an old relative who cannot get around as easy, installing walk in bathtubs will make it easier for that person. In addition, they have an air of affluence which cannot be understated. Simply put, when you have walk in bathtubs in your house, you look good.

There are a number of different thing you can do to make your bathroom look good. Some people have elaborate countertops or expensive toilets put it, others have fancy floor tiles or unique wall tiles. But one solid thing to do is put in a walk in bathtub. It will make all the difference in turning that boring, plain old bathroom into somewhere you want to spend your time.

Since the average person ends up spending roughly three years of his or her life sitting on the toilet, imagine the total time you spend in the bathroom, including getting ready and bathing. So why not make that bathroom somewhere you actually want to spend time by doing some home improvement to the bathroom. You can start by installing walk in bathtubs. Read this for more:

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