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Archive for July 5th, 2013

Businesses say that SEO improves web traffic, profitability

Affordable search engine optimization

Many modern businesses realize that having an easily accessible, informative website is the best way to market their services and products in the current age. Realizing this and knowing how to take advantage of that knowledge are, of course, not the same thing. Consider that nearly ninety percent of businesses utilize their owners as the primary marketer. That may be fine if the owner is a marketing professional, but what are the chances?

The fact is that nearly sixty percent of business to business marketing firms say that search engine optimization has the biggest impact on their long term marketing goals. Perhaps for that reason alone, nearly a quarter of overall marketing spending in 2012 was on digital marketing. Clearly, a company which is not taking full advantage of SEO web desig

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Bathroom Remodeling Today

Phoenix bathroom remodeling

There are many reasons why people decide to remodel their bathrooms. One reason to remodel is for someone who has a disability. There are bathroom remodel designs that will greatly improve the life of someone who has a disability so they can live more comfortably at home. For instance, when looking at bathroom remodel designs for someone who is handicapped, pay attention to toilet height. The standard toilet height is 15 inches but a toilet height of 17 to 19 inches makes the toilet more accessible for someone with a disability. In fact, the toilet height has to be at least 17 inches to meet handicap codes.

Then there is the idea of using a walk in tub in bathroom remodel designs for someone with a handicap. These kinds of tubs are easier for people to get into and out of on their own. The walk i

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