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Archive for July 12th, 2013

Creative Ways to Pay for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Laser hair removal costs

My friends wanted plastic surgery breast augmentation, but have had trouble with breast augmentation costs. As we talked, we realized that there were plenty of creative options for her breast augmentation financing.

1. Birthday present. Perhaps you could ask your husband (or wife) if your birthday is coming up. Plastic surgery breast augmentation can be kind of like a present for the both of you. Or you can tell your grandparents or friends and other family that you would only like cash for your birthday so as to finance your plastic surgery breast augmentation.

2. Ask friends and family for a loan. If there is no immediate holiday around, then maybe you can flat out ask for a small loan from your friends or family. A lot of parents have some money tucked away for retirement that they might be will

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Is Short Term Corporate Housing A Good Fit For You?

Corporate housing new york

Years ago companies only hired employees who lived in the same city as where the company is located. Now, thanks to the internet and short term corporate housing, more and more companies are branching out and hiring people who live outside the area. In fact, over the last 20 years, corporate housing has become a growing segment of the lodging industry.

This housing boom comes especially from companies that want to begin employing on an international basis. Using the internet, companies are able to find the best employee for the job, regardless of where they live, hire them, and give them a place to live.

Since many of these employees are coming from overseas, they are in need of short term corporate housing until they can find apartments for rent on their own.

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Smart Marketers Target Phones, Not Phone Books


Retired veterinarian Daniel Sangerman has always been a careful planner. From his patient schedule to his pharmaceutical inventory, Sangerman has always been a “check thrice, cut once” kind of man. When he retired from his veterinary practice and decided to join the ranks of small business owners, he never thought he would have any problems. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

“For years, I thought about opening up a fine tobacco shop,” said Sangerman, a self professed afficionado of fine cigars. “I spent months doing my research, deciding on the perfect location, and marking out every possible detail.” He even planned out a balanced marketing campaign, based on strategies he learned from a book that had been recommended by an old friend as the best resource available when he had started his own business. “Mark swore by

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